Hi there! This is Shatabdi and I Welcome you to my blog-THB CHANNEL. I have keen interest in Technology, new gadgets and mobile phones.I love nature and I am conscious about health and beauty. Do you like any of this?If you do, then you are at the right place because here I am going to tell you about these things only. I love music and love to sing. Let’s see what you may expect here-

  1. Review of mobile phones and other gadgets.
  2. Tips on Health and Beauty.
  3. Miscellaneous Entertainment videos.
  4. Songs with lyrics [I have not post any song yet].

Please share your opinion about my blogs because I want to hear from you. Please comment and let me know your opinion about my  blogs i.e, what you think should not be there and what you suggest to be there in the next blogs or videos.

You are cordially invited to visit our YouTube Channel.

Here is the link of  THB CHANNEL 

Please visit and share, like and comment .

Thanks for spending your valuable time.

Stay Healthy! Stay Happy!




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